College Accommodations for Running Start High School Students with Disabilities

High school students with disabilities who are presently taking a CCSNH college course through the Running Start Program in their own high school classrooms may receive college accommodations.  To do so, students must disclose their diagnosed disability(ies) to the college Disabilities Coordinator and provide the appropriate documentation that will support the request for accommodations.  The reasonable accommodations that are written for students taking college-level classes are determined by the college Disabilities Coordinator after he/she has reviewed the appropriate documents.

In college level classes, the curriculum will not be modified to meet the needs of Running Start high school students with disabilities.  Those students are expected to demonstrate the same level of understanding of course material – and meet the same minimum skill performance standards - as all other students in the college class.  Neither high school IEP’s nor 504 plans are applied at the college level.  However, students with disabilities are urged to meet with the college Disabilities Coordinator before they begin the college course in order to determine what reasonable accommodations will apply and what resources are available.

All students, with or without disabilities, who wish to take a college course for credit, must comply with applicable college requirements:

  • They must be otherwise qualified to do college level work
  • Curriculum is not modified
  • They must meet the essential elements of the course
  • They must meet academic standards

The following are NOT considered reasonable accommodations (the list includes, but is not limited to, these examples):

  • Modified/alternate test (i.e., word banks)
  • Use of an aide/para educator
  • Reduction of course requirements (i.e., fewer problems, pages, lessened assignments)

For further information regarding disabilities services, contact the Disabilities Services Coordinator at Lakes Region Community College.
Maureen Baldwin (603) 524-3207



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