Disability Services

            Jaime Laurent, Campus Accessibility Coordinator
            Email: jlaurent@ccsnh.edu
            Phone: (603)366-5243
            Office: Turner 119
            Office Hours: Monday and Tuesday 8am-12pm, Thursday 1pm-6pm

It is the mission of the Community College System of New Hampshire Disabilities Services to provide equal educational access, opportunities, and experiences to all qualified students with documented disabilities who register with the college’s Disabilities Services office. Reasonable accommodations are provided to students to allow them to achieve at a level limited only by their abilities and not by their disabilities. Assistance is provided in a collaborative way to help students develop strong and effective independent learning and self-advocacy skills, as they assume responsibility for reaching their academic goals.


In compliance with Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991, LRCC does not discriminate against students with disabilities in the admission process or in accessing opportunities for academic success. Students with documented disabilities are encouraged to disclose their disability in order to see if they qualify for reasonable classroom accommodations. Information regarding students’ disabilities is kept confidential. The services available to students with disabilities vary according to the students’ individual needs. Students without documentation, but who suspect that they might have a disability, should contact Jennifer Abraham to discuss support service options (please see contact information above).

Note: Rights and Responsibilties of Faculty, Staff and Students can be found here.


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