Faculty Staff:

*Returning Students

Your EasyLogin user name will be the same as your student email user name. For example, John Doe’s student email address is jdoe123@students.ccsnh.edu. That mean’s his email user name is jdoe123. This will also be his EasyLogin user name.

Your EasyLogin password will be your current student email password. For example, John Doe had his student email password set to “hawaii50” during the fall semester. On John’s return in the Spring, his password will still be “hawaii50”. This will also be his EasyLogin password.

Even though returning students automatically have an EasyLogin user name and password, they must still activate their EasyLogin account. See the instructions about activating your account.

You can activate your account by going to: http://password.students.ccsnh.edu

If you have not activated your EasyLogin security questions or if you have forgotten the answers to your security questions, you will need to visit the Reset to Default page. You will need your default EasyLogin password to use this page. Your default EasyLogin password can be found in your SIS account Go to the Reset to Default page


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