Women in Technology

WIT Club

The Lakes Region Community College (LRCC) Women in Technology Organization is a nonprofit organization that is ipen to any student, faculty, stafff, and alumni who is interested in promoting and supporting wmoen in technology, including science, engineering and math.

Our purpose is to promote various aspects of technology to women and girls of all age groups. We hold weekly meetings to conduct club business and discuss various technology-related subject matters such as increasing the awareness of women in technology fields on campus and in the community.

We are a chapter of the National Center for Women in Technology.

Advisor: Sann Lavallee聽
Email: slavallee@ccsnh.edu


Acting President: Chuck Sprague
Email: csprague607@students.ccsnh.edu

President: Adena Boxer

Email: aboxer802@students.ccsnh.edu

Vice President: Candace Boris
Email: cboris908@students.ccsnh.edu

Secretary: Alison LaPlante
Email: alaplante228@students.ccsnh.edu

Treasurer: Natalie Weeks
Email: nweeks020@students.ccsnh.edu

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LRCCWIT聽


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