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Student Support Counselors: LRCC‘s student support counselors are responsible for helping all of our students achieve success.  We recognize that there are many challenges to academic success including work, family responsibilities and finances. Our counselors can help navigate the enrollment process, can facilitate a conversation with a professor or a local agency or make a referral if appropriate.  Have a question or concern?  Our student support counselor can help!

Melissa Plyler: 366-5218 mplyler@ccsnh.edu

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT): LRCC has a team of staff that investigates and responds to matters of concern related to students and staff.  The BIT provides assistance to students in distress, in need of support or demonstrating behaviors which interfere with the normal progress of activities in or out of the classroom.

Referring a student to the BIT can be done by anyone anonymously and the information received is confidential.  The BIT investigates every referral and develops a plan to ensure the safety and success of all of the members our community. Submissions can be made by calling 603-366-5215 or emailing any member of the BIT.

BIT Members

Alcohol and Substance Abuse: Young adults (18-25 yrs. old) in New Hampshire have some of the highest rates of alcohol and substance abuse in the country.  Club drugs, including the Molly drug continue to lead to deaths in the state.  Experimenting with drugs can lead to dependency causing significant harm to individuals, families and communities. 

    As per the Student Code of Conduct, the following conduct is prohibited:
  • Use, possession, sale or distribution or narcotic or other controlled substances or purported controlled substances except as expressly permitted by law;
  • Public intoxication or the use, possession, sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages, except as expressly permitted by the law and college regulations

Financial: LRCC with the Student of Senate and other donors is able to provide limited emergency financial support for needy students via the Edna Hansen and the SAFE funds.  The Edna Hansen Fund consists of an advance on loan money that students have already been approved for.  Once a student’s loans are disbursed, the advance the student received is repaid.  The Student Assistance Fund for Emergencies (SAFE) is an initiative that provides small emergency grants (up to $100 in gift cards) to LRCC students to defray costs of an unforeseen financial expense.  Applications for both the Edna Hansen and SAFE funds are available from the Financial Aid office.

Homelessness: There are a variety of resources for those who do not have permanent shelter or whose living situation is insecure.  Student Support Counselors can help refer students to local social service agencies for support.  In addition, here are resources that can also help.
City of Laconia Homeless Shelter Listing
Homeless Shelter Directory
New Beginnings – Without Violence and Abuse
NH Coalition to End Homelessness – Home4Hope

Suicide: Suicidal thoughts or behaviors can be the result of feeling helpless, overwhelmed or of experiencing significant emotional pain.  If you or someone you know is having these feelings seek help.  Contact:

The BIT (Behavioral Intervention Team)

Student Support Counselors
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273 TALK (8255)

Additional Resources
Genesis Behavioral Health 603-524-1100
National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) NH
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention Resource Center


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